International Journal of Intelligent Information Systems

Volume 4, Issue 4, August 2015

  • Development of Operating Instructional System Using AR Technology in Chemical Plants

    Atsuko Nakai, Shun Motoyoshi, Fuminori Oomori, Kazuhiko Suzuki

    Issue: Volume 4, Issue 4, August 2015
    Pages: 71-78
    Received: Jun. 23, 2015
    Accepted: Jul. 01, 2015
    Published: Jul. 10, 2015
    Abstract: In recent years, Japan's industrial accident rate has shown an increasing trend. This is especially remarkable due to chemical industrial complexes. As is well-known, many kinds of hazardous materials are being controlled in chemical facilities. If a serious accident occurs, there is the potential for severe damage to employees and the residents of... Show More
  • Weak Amplitude Modulated (AM) Signal Detection Algorithm for Software-Defined Radio Receivers

    Thomas Kokumo Yesufu, Abimbola Oyewole Atijosan

    Issue: Volume 4, Issue 4, August 2015
    Pages: 79-83
    Received: Jul. 10, 2015
    Accepted: Jul. 14, 2015
    Published: Jul. 25, 2015
    Abstract: In this paper a software implementation of a reconfigurable Amplitude Modulated (AM) receiver for weak AM signals detection with reduced processing latency is presented. The Stochastic Resonance (SR) algorithm, which is a technique for weak signal detection was developed for software defined, AM receiver. The performance of the SR based AM receiver... Show More